Workforce Solutions of West Central Texas

Jasmine Jones


The Rapid Guides are amazing!  They make providing our Rapid Response services to job seekers a lot easier.  Before we would distribute information to the customers that was loose paper, and it was hard to gauge whether or not they would even keep a lot of the materials handed out.  With these pocket-sized Rapid Guides, the response has been much better.  We've been able to eliminate a lot of our handouts because of the convenience of these guides.  No more making copies over and over again.  It's all right in the palm of their hands!  Before, our staff would spend hours getting tons of handouts put into packets.  It took up a lot of time and could be frustrating at times.


We plan to use our guides at lay off orientations, as handouts at workshops in our centers, as well as handouts in our resource rooms.  The guides are also a helpful way to reach the Spanish speaking population.  I would suggest these guides to any center looking to provide a long-lasting product.  The guides are also a great way to get your business' name out on the market to promote your services.  These Rapid Guides an fit in your purse and/or pocket and are a simple "at a glance" resource.  In addition they can be customized to fit your center's needs.  I highly recommend this product.



Southwest Area Social Services Funding Authority (SASSFA)

Kelly Tenberge


I first became aware of the Rapid Guides at a conference several years ago. We first ordered the Rapid Guide to Interviewing in Spanish and English, the following year we ordered the Rapid Guide to Job Hunting also in Spanish and English, and this year we added the Rapid Guide to Financial Aid to our order.


Individuals attending the lay-off orientations appreciate being able to have something tangible to take with them.  Each student enrolling in our Youth Program receives the Rapid Guide to Financial Aid as part of the enrollment packet.



Seneca County Job & Family Services

Carol Owen - Workforce Development Administrator


The Rapid Guide to Interviewing and the Rapid Guide to Layoff Survival are valuable outreach and information tools for our One-Stop.  We can provide needed information to our customers in a handy pocket-size booklet with the material being organized in an easy-to-read and understand format.  The feedback from our customers has all been extremely positive...with relation to both print quality and content.


Prior to becoming a Rapid Guide customer, we used some of the Dahlstrom books.  The content of those books was good, but the books were not the convenient size nor could we market our location using these tools.  We use the Rapid Guide to Interviewing at different public events and as a hand out at our local One-Stop.  We use the Rapid Guide to Layoff Survival at all Rapid Response events when we work wiht workers who are soon to become laid off.


I'm glad we discovered this resource and would recommend it to other One-Stop locations!



Office of Student Financial Assistance Florida Department of Education

Lori Auxier - Director of Market Development


The Rapid Guide to Financial Aid is the most clear and concise financial aid guide available in the industry today. Words cannot express how valuable this information is. We are proud to partner with Rapid Guide to get this information into the hands of every middle and high school student in our state.

Prior to becoming a Rapid Guide customer, we did not have the capability of providing such clear and concise information.

We intend to use the Rapid Guide during our middle and high school financial aid awareness events. We also intend to provide this information to our financial aid office partners in our local Colleges and Universities so that they may share this information with their students, as well.  The staff at Rapid Guide has been a pleasure to work with!



University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee

Toni Ripo - Career Services Coordinator


We are proud to distribute the Rapid Guide to Job Hunting to USF Sarasota seniors.  The guide provides clear and comprehensive job search information as well as the Career Center’s contact information. It is a quality resource that students can refer to time and time again.


For a small office, it is time effective to use the Rapid Guide to Job Hunting.  Why recreate the wheel?  It is cost effective, and it provides the opportunity to offset the costs by including employer advertisements.



Centenary College of Louisiana

Dennis Taylor - Director of Career Services


The Rapid Guide is a valuable and cost effective way for our office to market our services and provide students with a substantial tool that they will keep and use for a long time. Previous to distributing Rapid Guides, we simply used copied handouts that were tossed away almost as soon as the student received them.


We intend to expand the use of the Rapid Guide to not only graduating seniors, but to first year students during orientation, workshops and students enrolled in our Career Exploration courses. We plan to re-order the Rapid Guides again next year.



Partners in Job Training

Carol Slavish - EO Officer


Rapid Guide to Layoff Survival is a very helpful tool, and even more beneficial since it is customized to our program. We provide the guide in orientations, as a recruiting tool, in our career resource center, and to businesses having lay-offs. It has direct links specifically for dislocated workers, and it allows businesses to assist in providing information to employees, as well as our agency. We plan to re-order Rapid Guide to Layoff Survival next year.



R.L. Wolff & Associates

Susan Andrews - Technology Sales Recruiter


This job guide has valuable information for candidates seeking employment. We see candidates who have sold multi-million dollar deals to top-level executives but still fail to present themselves well to a perspective employer. In a good economy, previous success might be all you need to get another job offer. When the economy slows down, a candidate must be able to articulate not only the successes they've had but also how they can use those successes in the future. A candidate must 'sell himself' in an interview with the same preparation and aggressiveness as he would sell a product. You would be shocked if you knew how many senior sales people forget the BASIC rules of an interview. 

The Rapid Guide to Job Hunting outlines these basic interviewing rules in an easy-to-follow format. You might laugh at some of the obvious 'Tips'. If you spent a few days as a recruiter listening to the sales executives tell you why they've eliminated 9 of the last 10 people they interviewed, you would understand the importance of these reminders for prospective candidates. Anyone preparing for a job search will benefit from the advise shared in this book.



Wayne State University, TRiO Upward Bound Program

Melissa McDaniel - Assistant Director


We have found Rapid Guide to Financial Aid to be an excellent resource for high school students to use for college preparation.



Worksource Solutions - Capital Area

Yolanda Sanchez, Administrative Assistant


The Rapid Guide has proven to be a valuable and very cost effective tool in our office not only for participants seeking employment but also for our business services employers who have layoffs or close down.  These guides provide all the necessary information that is needed in a condensed and professional manner.  All the information is very precise and clear to understand.



Both the Rapid Guide to Interviewing and the Layoff Survival Guides have proven to be very beneficial to those concerned.  The staff at Rapid Guide has been very professional and prompt to our needs and it has been a real pleasure to be associated with Rapid Guide.  Thank you for making our Workforce centers a better place for all.  We will certainly continue to re-order again next year.



East Carolina University

Bruce Maxwell - Associate Director


In this age of technology, students know they can obtain information on practically any issue on the Internet. The question is, are they experienced enough to know what is good advice and what is not? In my experience, the answer is "No." We purchased the Rapid Guide to Job Hunting Guide because we needed a high quality job search tool we could provide to graduating seniors that they would use while they looked for a job and take with them when they left the university. We chose the Rapid Guide to Job Hunting Guide for that tool because we feel that it does a great job of hitting all the major job search issues. 

The Rapid Guide to Job Hunting Guide provides practical, timely, effective information on the job search process that most students do not know. Most students are intelligent, competent individuals. They just need to be pointed in the right direction and shown how to position themselves in the market place. The Rapid Guide to Job Hunting Guide does all this and more!



North Arkansas College

Molly McCorkindale - Director, Student Support Services


We often find that students and parents don't understand the financial aid resources available to them. Many think they can't qualify for assistance - others just don't understand the process. The Rapid Guide to Financial Aid helps our students and their parents learn about all financial aid, scholarships, loans, grants and more.


The process, forms, tips, and resources are all outlined. The information is clear, comprehensive, and easy to follow. We truly believe the Rapid Guide helps our students find financial assistance that might otherwise go undiscovered. For students and parents, this differentiates our college from others and helps in retention.



Louisiana Department of Labor


Dennis Heverly - State Rapid Response Coordinator


Rapid Guides are an important part of our presentation package. We also provide them at our on-site Transition Centers when employers have layoffs or close down. Rapid Guides provide all the necessary information workers need for employment topics in a condensed and handy format. A lot of information in a small package!



University of Southern Indiana

Philip Parker - Director Career Services and Placement


We have found the Rapid Guide to Job Hunting to be an excellent resource for us to provide seniors embarking on the their job hunt. We hope to expand the distribution to include juniors and possibly other students. It is concise, informative, and formatted for easy use.


Students have commented on the valuable content as well as the convenient size of the publication. The Rapid Guide staff is very helpful through the process of ordering, customizing, and producing the guides.



McNeese State University

Kathy Bond - Career Services Director


The information provided in the guides we find to be beneficial to ALL job seekers everywhere. The material is presented not only in a handy format but actually assists and guides job seekers through every vital aspect of their job search. The fact that it is customized makes it a terrific marketing tool for any center as well as being a great instructional workbook.



University of Central Arkansas

Heather Gilbert - Director Career Center


The [Rapid Guide to Job Hunting] booklets are excellent resources for students. They can be used for workshops and presentations or as a follow up after a Career Counseling session. We also will use these extensively for aiding students with resumes and job preparation. A must have for thriving Career Centers.



Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Charity Mouck - Director


The Rapid Guide was a fantastic supplement to the materials we routinely use in our office. It was something new and different, and yet totally relevant. The small size made it perfect for sending to seniors, and we have really enjoyed the response to the guide!



Michigan Works! Saginaw Midland Bay

Gerrit Wierda - Director of Business Services


This has become our most valuable tool for dealing with our business customers. Rapid Guide modified the guide at our request to have it meet the guidelines for the State of Michigan. The coated-customized pages give the appearance of great value. We give an organization one and they want us to come back with extras. Worth the price!



University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Mike Wingfield - Director Counseling and Career Planning Services


In today's job market, students present themselves as prepared academically, but the practical knowledge of the job search is oftentimes overlooked. The Rapid Guide to Job Hunting provides that practical knowledge in a concise, attractive, and comprehensive package. In this time of tightening budgets, this is one publication that deserves expenditure. It's a practical 'one stop shop' for persons seeking employment. I recommend it to all job seekers!



Lower Savannah Council of Governments

Sally Sharpe


Rapid Guides are very much requested by our Providers that work directly with the job seeker customers. They are of good value and quality.



Baylor University

John Boyd - Director Career Services


As Baylor University students aspire to great things in the life that stand before them, they have a resource that puts them on the right track quickly.  The Rapid Guide to Job Hunting is an extremely helpful tool in the competitive world of looking for employment.  Through its use, students will outpace their peers who rely on other forms of job search assistance.


The Career Services office has had a significant number of positive comments from students who have put the guide to use. We will continue to supply the guide to all students who are beginning the job hunting process.



Radford University

Kathryn Jordan, Ph.D - Director Experiential Learning & Career Services


The information provided in the guides we find to be beneficial to ALL job seekers everywhere. The material is presented not only in a handy format but actually assists and guides job seekers through every vital aspect of their job search. The fact that it is customized makes it a terrific marketing tool for any center as well as being a great instructional workbook.



Holy Family University

Don Brom


The Rapid Guide is a great resource tool and reference guide for our students. I call it our, “One Stop Shopping” booklet. It allows us to insert a lot of important career exploration and school information all in one small booklet. Since Rapid Guide is laminated, it will last and saves us time and effort from making paper copy hand outs which is very cumbersome. The pictures and print are clear and having the Holy Family University Tiger on the front cover projects a positive image, thus making it more attractive for students to read.



Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education

Carol Williams - Program and Office Manager


I received a sample Rapid Guide to Financial Aid at my office and thought it looked great.  So  . . . I decided to give it the real acid test and checked with my 3 high school teenagers to see what they thought about it.  They liked it so much they didn’t want to give it back to me.  They were using it to complete their college applications and apply for financial aid.


Next, I sent a copy to the high school counselor.  She wrote me an e-mail, and these are her exact words:  “I LOVE IT.”  She wanted several hundred copies to use on her “financial aid” nights to hand out to parents and students.  This booklet has comprehensive information on financial aid wrapped up in a small, sturdy package.  It is invaluable!



Samford University

Brent Latta - Career Counselor


Our office at Samford is small and has limited resources. The Rapid Guide has allowed us to maximize those resources to present something that looks professional and provides excellent information, while still providing a vehicle for further discussion with those students who need additional information. The size works great for our students – it’s easily portable and allows them easy access to important information immediately. I highly recommend it!



Coppin State University

Seana Coulter - Cooperative Education / Internship Coordinator


The Rapid Guide to Job Hunting is a comprehensive guide that we use as a supplement to our video workshops.  1 In the past we used duplicated handouts and I feel that the students value the contents of the Rapid Guide a bit more.  The students really like the convenience and the bulleted points.  It is easy to read and captures all aspects of job hunting, from preparation to negotiating.  We typically provide the guide to our seniors but this year we would like to expand it to all students who register with our office.


As far as the development of the guide, The Rapid Guide team made it a very easy process.  Our VP’s were really impressed with the final project and were amazed (and pleased) at the cost.




University of Texas - Dallas

Michael Doty - Director, Career Center


The Rapid Guide is an excellent resource to provide students important job search information from a source other than the Career Center. The ability to customize the publication is an added bonus. We intend to provide the guide as a senior gift given out during Senior Experience programming.




Heritage College

Betty Ball - National Director of Career Services


Our Career Services Departments love Rapid Guide to Job Hunting.  The guide is a great motivational tool for the graduates' job search.  It's not just another packet of information, but rather a handy guide for students and graduates to keep and review.  Having it customized to Heritage brings additional value.


Before Rapid Guide to Job Hunting, we provided individual sheets of paper or packets to students.  We now distribute Rapid Guide to Job Hunting from our Career Services Departments to upcoming graduates to reinforce classroom instruction and give them a guide to review for internship interviews and job assistance.




SuperJobs Center Cincinnati, OH

Carolyn Reynolds - Rapid Response Coordinator


Rapid Guide has excellent graphics and the information that is presented in the guide is accurate and concise with an overall professional presentation.  We are very satisfied with our product!  We used to provide flyers, packets, etc.  The Rapid Guide is great because it takes the place of multiple copies and flyers in a folder and/or packet of information.


We will use our Rapid Guides as an orientation give-away and also at other Rapid Response events that we will hold.  It is a great product!






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