Rapid Guide to Youth Services

  • Provide the youth in your community a handy, easy-to-read guide that they will want to keep and use!
  • Includes important and effective tips and guidance for personal issues, continuing their education, and finding a job
  • Customized with your program logo, colors, services you provide, and contact information
  • Creates and expands awareness of your program in your community
  • A thoughtful and effective handout for youth that will also remind them of your services and contact information!

Why is Rapid Guide to Youth Services being distributed by workforce programs throughout the nation?

  • Rapid Guide to Youth Services is a great informational and promotional resource that allows your organization to deliver the information and advice youth need, while also effectively marketing your organization!
  • Rapid Guide to Youth Services is much more effective than typical marketing tools, like pens and water bottles, because it contains relevant information that youth need, can carry with them, and refer back to again and again. Our customization process ensures that, each time your readers refer to Rapid Guide to Youth Services, they will see your organization's colors, logo, and services.

Just look at the topics youth will find inside their Rapid Guide to Youth Services:

  • The importance of getting in touch with their local youth program
  • Learning about the services their local youth program provides
  • How finishing high school will have a positive impact on the rest of their lives
  • 10 other options for continuing education
  • How to find out if they are eligible for financial aid and the steps to apply
  • 7 tips for developing a life plan for success
  • 15 tips on how to prepare to find a job
  • 14 tips on creating an effective resume
  • 16 tips on how to be successful during an interview
  • Plus 11 tips on how to be a valuable employee once hired

Rapid Guide to Youth Services contains the information youth need to get their lives and careers on track and begin a successful life!

To learn more about the why you should of make this guide available to your community, read more about the benefits of Rapid Guide to Youth Services here.




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