Rapid Guide to Layoff Survival 

According to a May 2016 news release issued by the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment is still around 5%. A large percentage of these unemployed workers have been laid off, meaning thousands of people across the nation are in desperate need of effective resources to help them get back on track and into the workforce. 

If your program provides resources and assistance to dislocated workers, you already know the impact a layoff can have on a person – it is one of the most stressful experiences in life. The financial and emotional impact can seem overwhelming, and it affects their family and loved ones, too.

What are you currently providing dislocated workers to help them cope with this situation? Would you like a resource that is convenient, with a proven-successful format that offers tips and advice to help them view the layoff as a opportunity to find a better job situation?

Rapid Guide to Layoff Survival, provides a complete program for the person anticipating or going through a layoff to help prepare and get them through this challenging time. Like our other Rapid Guides, it has been designed in the same concise, handy, and unique format proven to be read and retained more than typical handouts. With its compact, convenient size and premium quality construction, there is no other product on the market like it!

With our customization process, Rapid Guide to Layoff Survival incorporates your program logo, contact/website information, colors, and the services you provide. So, it also acts as a high-visibility tool in expanding awareness of your services to your community!

Rapid Guide to Layoff Survival includes step-by-step tips and advice for making it through a layoff, including:

  • 11 early warning signs that a layoff may occur
  • 13 tips to prepare in advance for a possible layoff
  • 7 crucial steps to take once a layoff has been announced
  • 9 tips on how to access and utilize state resources and unemployment benefits
  • How to find and contact a local workforce center
  • 10 important tips on dealing with the emotional stress of a layoff
  • How to prepare family and friends for your transition
  • 13 strategies to maintain financial security during a layoff
  • 13 tips to prepare for the job search
  • 16 tips to develop a dynamic resume that will get the attention of employers
  • Identifying resources for finding employment
  • Critical negotiating skills that can have a significant impact on your pay
  • 30 tips on the interviewing techniques that will keep an applicant at the top of the list of potential candidates!
  • How to negotiate salary and benefits once a job offer is received

Many programs are currently having to purchase multiple products to provide the same information contained in the Rapid Guide to Layoff Survival. Others are spending way too much time and money creating, printing, assembling, and managing their own materials.

Contact Rapid Guide today to learn how we can help you in your quest to provide a better resource to educate your reader, plus reduce the amount of time and energy spent by your already overextended staff!

To learn more about the benefits of making Rapid Guide to Layoff Survival available to your dislocated workers, read more about the benefits of Rapid Guide to Layoff Survival here.



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