How will Your Business or Program Benefit from Rapid Guide to Layoff Survival?

Rapid Guide to Layoff Survival provides you with an unequaled promotional tool that enhances your organization's image by leveraging your client's natural desire for information related to your services. The result is a low-cost, customized marketing solution showcasing your logo, colors, services, and contact information to the dislocated workers that need your services now!


Government Workforce Program Benefits:

Due to the challenging economic situation and unemployment rate, many state and local level workforce programs are currently deploying our guide as part of their Workforce Investment Act (WIA) initiatives.

Rapid Guide to Layoff Survival is a great educational and promotional tool for use in critical areas, including: Rapid Response programs, Dislocated Worker Programs, One-Stop Centers, Work force Reduction Programs, Welfare to Work Programs and Student Career Education Programs.

Benefits of providing Rapid Guide to Layoff Survival available include:

  •  Save your budget and time by providing a low-cost solution for dislocated workers 
  •  Improve public relations through custom-printed guides that include your program contact information, logo, services, and colors 
  •  Distribute a resource with an attractive, long-lasting format which promotes longer-term retention of the materials, saving on reprinting costs
  •  Provide a comprehensive resource for job seeker education 
  •  Save money by replacing the multiple materials you currently purchase to provide the same information that is consolidated into just one Rapid Guide
  •  Enjoy a turnkey, hands-free process that reduces time and stress from your already overextended staff.

Click here to learn about our unique, free Rapid Guide Customization process for your program.


Retail Businesses and Employment-Related Websites

Rapid Guide to Layoff Survival is an ideal product for Retail stores and online programs. Here's why: Today's economy has caused a tremendous number of individuals to face layoffs. Most of these individuals have not had to search for employment in many years and are desperately looking for information in a comprehensive, concise guide that can give them the core information required, plus tips on coping with the emotional stress. As a result, Rapid Guide to Layoff Survival makes a great item for resale through bookstores, copy centers, and employment-related web sites.

While there are many books published on various career topics and there are numerous websites with information scattered about, people do not want to spend their time researching these skills. They want to spend their time finding a job! They would much rather invest a few dollars and have the information pulled together for them in a handy, easy-to-read format.

Click here to learn about our unique, free Rapid Guide Customization process for your Workforce Layoff Survival Programs.




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