Rapid Guide to Job Hunting Gives You an Affordable Way to Provide Your Students/Customers with the Most Current and Effective Career Search Tips and Information, Plus Advertise Your Program in Your Community!

Rapid Guide to Job Hunting helps your students/customers determine their career path, develop a dynamic cover letter and resume that will keep them at the top of the list of candidates, streamline and save them time on the entire process, and much more … while you get a cost-effective promotional item with a long shelf life!

Now, for less than the price of a few copies of a color ad that are usually quickly discarded, you can provide students/customers with something they will keep and value for years—Rapid Guide to Job Hunting.

Because of the guide's attractive, high-impact format, students/customers will actually read the content, accelerate their career path, and associate their success to your organization!

So what are you waiting for? Order Rapid Guide to Job Hunting today and begin enjoying the many benefits will receive, including:

Academic Program Benefits:

  • An invaluable career preparation resource to provide to students coming in to your career center
  • A thoughtful and affordable handout at career fairs and other events
  • A great graduation gift students will hold onto and refer back to well within their careers  
  • Increased student job placements
  • An outstanding outline for career workshops
  • Effective Imaging with Lasting Impact
  • Low Cost

Government/Corporate Benefits

  • Outstanding use of WIA Funds
  • Increased Utilization of Your Services
  • Effective Promotion with Lasting Impact
  • Creative Imaging for Areas such as One-Stops, Rapid Response, and Workforce Programs
  • Low Cost 

And, with our special bulk rates, your price per guide, including your customization, will be less than half our regular retail price – and maybe even FREE by getting a sponsor! The more you buy, the lower your cost per book!


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