Advertise and Enhance Your Program or Organization in Your Community with Customized Rapid Guides!

Rapid Guide is America's leading provider of customized educational materials. These attractive guides are designed to be a launch pad for readers to learn about today's employment related and other topics. They also perform as highly-effective promotional tools for organizations serving those readers. By taking advantage of our unique customization program, you will be able to deliver the information students/readers desire while also effectively advertising your logo, value statement, program colors, contact information, and the services your provide!

How Your Rapid Guides are Customized:

Your Rapid Guide version will be customized so that, when it's complete, it appears it was developed specifically for your program! Here are some of the ways your guides can be customized:

  • Your organization's name and logo are added to the front and back covers, so your branding is displayed no matter which way the Rapid Guide lays.  
  • Your organization's colors will be used throughout the guide as background colors on the cover pages and at the tops of each inside page.
  • The inside front cover features a list of the services you provide.
  • Your organization name, address, contact information, and website are all included in the guide format.  
  • Logos of sponsors may be included as well—for example, an alumni department, employers, or other local or national companies.  Often sponsors will help you fund Rapid Guide in exchange for adding their logo and ad, and there is usually no additional cost to you.
  • We also accommodate custom requests, including adding extra pages or more extensive text edits to accommodate your specific requirements.
  • You will receive proofs of your Rapid Guide version and have the chance to make revisions before your guide is printed.

Whatever your needs, our Customization Program creates a specific plan, unique to your organization, that meets your goals!

Rapid Guide Customization Program Benefits:

  • Our in-depth research ensures you will be offering timely, critical information that your audience needs and desires that relates directly to your specific services.
  • Our vendor relationships keep your costs low. We have established world-wide relationships in our commitment to providing the best value for your customized solution.
  • You may be able to fund the guides through various grants. Also, many organizations get their Rapid Guides free by allowing another company or employer to provide funding in exchange for including their logo and text in the Rapid Guide. It is a true 'win-win' opportunity for both your program and the sponsor.
  • Because our Rapid Guides contain valuable information, are fully customized, and are printed on high quality paper with laminated covers, your branding is guaranteed a much longer shelf life than other types of promotional products; people sometimes hold onto Rapid Guides for many years!
  • Since our guides are classified as books, are fully copyrighted, and Rapid Guide is the sole source provider, you receive quick, direct orders without purchasing hassles and delays.
  • Our Customization Program is entirely turn-key. You provide your logo, contact information, and services, and everything else is done for you!
  • When your Rapid Guide is delivered, it transforms into your program's own valuable tool that appears to have been developed exclusively by your own organization. 

From here, you can view examples of our Rapid Guide customers including many College Career Centers, Trio Programs, and Rapid Response Programs, contact Rapid Guide to get started customizing your guide today, or continue on to learn more about ordering Rapid Guide to Job Hunting for your organization. 



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