Rapid Guide to Interviewing

Did you know that few things can destroy a company like bad hiring decisions and heavy turnover?

Consider this: if your hiring managers choose the wrong candidate, your company could pay the price for months or even years to come. And it can be a steep price, too. A professional job that pays $50,000 annually and turns over too quickly can cost a company up to twice that amount in hiring expenses and lost productivity, not to mention the negative impact on the company environment and culture!

Rapid Guide to Interviewing provides your hiring managers a comprehensive guide to ensure they master key applicant qualification skills, interviewing skills, and legal hiring practices.

If you are an organization marketing to hiring authorities, Rapid Guide to Interviewing makes a great promotional tool that you can distribute to potential clients so that your name will be in front of them at the perfect time – when they are conducting interviews and making hiring decisions!

Rapid Guide to Interviewing is much more effective than typical marketing tools such as pens and water bottles, since it contains information that hiring managers will actually use and refer to time and again. And, thanks to our customization process, each time they refer to the Rapid Guide to Interviewing, they will continually view your organization's logo, colors, services, and contact information!

Just look at this sampling of the topics that will keep hiring managers referring back to Rapid Guide to Interviewing:

  • 18 must-do's for a successful interview
  • The 5 elements all effective job postings contain
  • The 10 places all job openings should be posted to attract the best candidates
  • 4 important considerations when analyzing a resume
  • 5 characteristics of a great cover letter
  • 5 tips for evaluating candidates
  • 11 ways to ensure you conduct a successful interview
  • 5 important aspects to consider when structuring an interview
  • 4 tips to improve the quality of the interview
  • 6 ways to ensure your body language creates the right impression
  • 9 ways to evaluate an applicant based on their body language
  • 4 things to look for in an applicant's response to a question
  • 5 signs of potential problems that could arise with an applicant
  • How to get the most out of an answer to a question
  • Interview rules to follow and 15 questions to avoid
  • 9 ways to measure an applicant's motivation
  • Questions to help measure a candidate's motivation 
  • How to measure an applicant's attitude and ethics
  • How to assess leadership qualities and abilities
  • How to qualify an applicant's organizational and management skills
  • What to do in the first four minutes and last four minutes of an interview
  • How to choose the finalists for a position by weighing positive and negative characteristics
  • Making the offer – the art of negotiation, including 10 tips for making an offer and four things to look for in a counteroffer
  • How to deal with an applicant who is in high demand
  • Standard applicant questions and how to answer them
  • Plus, tips for phone, lunch, group and stress interviews

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