How can we customize Rapid Guides? 

As the author and sole provider of the Rapid Guide series, we own all rights to the material. As such, we can work with you to make any changes you require. Most customers provide us with their “basic customizations” that include: colors, logos, contact information and a listing of their services. Some customers have added new pages – for example, universities have added admission and internship program information. Some customers have tailored the Rapid Guides more specifically to their audience – for example, Job Hunting for Law Students. Other customers have found national or local businesses to fund the Rapid Guides in exchange for adding the sponsor's logo, branding, and value statement to the format.  


Our information is already listed on our website. Do we need a printed resource?

Yes, most definitely. In fact, Rapid Guides direct the audience that needs your services to your website.  Keep in mind that people going to your website are already aware of your program or business. Rapid Guides target the people who are not yet aware of your business or program. As the reader is using Rapid Guide to learn about critical life skills, your branding and services—including your website address—are right in front of them, prompting them to consult your website for more specific information. This is how Rapid Guides actually drive more traffic to your website!


Our organization would like to provide customized Rapid Guides to our members/students/customers. What is the wholesale pricing? 

Because each order is individually designed and printed to your specifications, the pricing is dependent on the quantity you need. Just let us know your anticipated order quantity and we will provide you with a specific quote within 24-48 hours. Also, contact us to find out how other organizations get their Rapid Guides for free! 


Can Rapid Guides be purchased anywhere else? 

We are the authors and sole source provider of the Rapid Guide series. Rapid Guide is fully protected by the appropriate copyright and trademarks so that it cannot be legally copied or reproduced elsewhere. 


Aren't the topics in Rapid Guides already available online or in other ways? 

There is a lot of information available online, in hard copy reading materials, in libraries, etc. There are 3 things to consider:  1)  no one has the time or patience to spend a lot of time searching through websites, books, and magazines looking for information, 2) people don't always have the Internet available, and 3) no one has the time or wants to sit down and read multiple pages on their screen or print and read pages of fragmented information.  Additionally, people also do not tend to read a 200-page book on these topics. People need a tool that streamlines the process and is quick and easy to read and implement.

Another important factor is the quality of the content. Rapid Guides have been on the market for over 10 years now, and in that time, Rapid Guide has worked cooperatively with our college, university, government workforce, employment agency and other types of industry customers to ensure the content remains current and relevant.

Also, other materials don't have the concise, effective format exclusive to our Rapid Guides. Check the trash receptacles after job fairs – they will be full of other types of materials, but not Rapid Guides! Likewise for financial aid content, parents and students don't typically spend time a lot of time researching the process and options for educational funding. However, just investing a little time following the steps and tips outlined in the “Rapid Guide to Financial Aid” can save them thousands of dollars on education costs! 

Rapid Guides are sturdy, colorful, laminated, and bound into one convenient guide people can carry with them. The content is concise and designed so the reader can get through the content quickly and immediately begin to implement and benefit from the valuable advice and tips provided. People who receive Rapid Guides associate value with them and hold on to them...sometimes for years into the future!


How long does it take Rapid Guides to deliver? 

Once you approve a final proof and give us authorization to print, your Rapid Guides will arrive in about 5 weeks. Orders of more than 10,000 may take a little longer, and we can provide you with an estimated delivery date before you order.


How are Rapid Guides being used? 

We continue to hear about new ways our customers are using Rapid Guides. Here are some common ones: 

College and University Career Centers:

  • Handouts for any student coming into the center or for one-on-one counseling
  • Outlines for instructional workshops 
  • Senior graduation gifts
  • Job fair and recruiting event handouts 

Government Workforce Programs and One-Stop Centers:

  • Handouts for dislocated workers and job seekers coming into the center
  • Handouts to dislocated workers at onsite Rapid Response events
  • Handouts by Business Services programs to local business customers
  • Handouts by Youth Programs to at-risk and other youth

Employment and Staffing organizations:

  • Handouts to targeted customer hiring managers and Human Resources departments
  • Resources for job seekers coming into the office
  • Handouts at company events
  • Resources for internal hiring managers

National and Local Business Sponsors:

  • Sponsor and provide for academic and other civic organizations
  • Handouts to customers coming into the business
  • Handouts at company and community events

Rapid Guides are also a great tool for any business or industry program in marketing campaigns, customer/employee/student education, and to promote targeted services! Rapid Guides also drive more traffic to an office or website!


What feedback have your customers provided about customizing and distributing Rapid Guides? 

The positive feedback is unbelievable! We send each customer an evaluation after their order is received, and we have yet to receive negative feedback. On the contrary, Rapid Guide customers are so delighted with the guides as a resource and the thoughtful content they provide, that our customers have re-ordered for years. We can truly feel confident in referring any of our customers as references. Our customers also report that other departments, staff, or faculty members are also impressed with the Rapid Guides format and appearance, and many times these other programs will also contact us to order. Just check out our testimonials


What if we already have similar materials? 

We have customers nationwide and in other countries, and none have reported seeing a resource like Rapid Guides. It is a size that will fit in a coat pocket, purse, desk, or can be kept in a vehicle, allowing readers to have a handy and reference tool. It is full color, laminated, and bound, and made to last for years. For a relatively small investment, your branding and contact information get a long shelf life!

Many of our customers were using multiple large, bulky items they had to spend time copying and assembling before implementing Rapid Guides. Rapid Guides are a popular, attractive, and cost-effective change to those old materials that no longer attract the readers' interest and are usually quickly discarded or lost!


Are Rapid Guides available in other languages? 

Rapid Guide are available in English and Spanish. We can provide them in other languages on your request. Since your Rapid Guides are customized with your branding, contact information, and services, a small translation fee may be required so we can make sure your text gets translated appropriately, or you may provide your own translated text.




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