Customer Examples - Corporate & Sponsors

Organizations throughout the U.S. provide Rapid Guides as important and effective resources to their communities. Customized Rapid Guides increase awareness and response to their programs.

The same benefits are also achieved by corporations that sponsor Rapid Guides. This is a great way for sponsors to get their message to a very targeted audience at the time that audience is actively looking for the sponsor’s specific products and services. During our customization process, we add the sponsor’s logo and information to the Rapid Guide format.

  • Student Loan Providers benefit by advertising their services in the very resource students receive to guide them through the financial aid process (see Rapid Guide to Financial Aid).
  • Corporate Recruiting Programs benefit by promoting their companies in the resource career departments provide their students for their career search (see Rapid Guide to Job Hunting).
  • Credit Card Companies get direct exposure to job seekers who are striving to increase their incomes (see Rapid Guide to Job Hunting).
  • Local Community Businesses also benefit by sponsoring and promoting their services in the Rapid Guides.

Rapid Guides are a great way for any business to support their local community (something all companies should do) and to successfully promote their services at the same time.

Corporations that have sponsored the Rapid Guides include: Target, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Geico, and many local business. We have found that once the corporation sponsors one Rapid Guide, they often come back to sponsor more due to the program’s success. Below you can see examples of how these sponsorship pages have looked. You can also go back and view examples of our other customer types.



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