Rapid Guide, LLC has developed a series of life skills development books under the title of “Rapid Guide”. Examples are Rapid Guide to Job Hunting, Rapid Guide to Interviewing, Rapid Guide to Layoff Survival, Rapid Guide to Youth Services, and Rapid Guide to Financial Aid. These books are used as resources for programs and organizations in preparing their target audience on various life skills topics. Examples of organizations that provide Rapid Guides include College and University Career and Financial Aid programs; Government Workforce Organizations, including Rapid Response Programs, Department of Labor Programs, One-Stop Centers, Youth Services Programs, and Business Services Programs; Employment and Staffing Agencies; Financial Aid Lending Organizations; and National and Local Businesses that sponsor Rapid Guides for other programs.

Rapid Guides provide core life skills in one quick-to-read format. Preparing job seekers and students with content on how to create a marketable resume, source jobs, and interview more successfully directly results in higher job placements and more time for career center or workforce center staff to focus on higher level tasks . Preparing hiring managers with content on how to source and interview applicants more effectively enables them make better hiring decisions and reduce turnover by choosing higher quality employees. Dislocated workers benefit from content that aids them in dealing with the emotional aspects of a layoff and getting back into the job market. Preparing students with Financial Aid content and step-by-step guidance enables them to achieve their higher education goals. At-risk and other youth learn how to get their lives on track, continue their education, and enter into the workforce.

The value of the Rapid Guide is enhanced by customizing the book with your organization’s logo, colors, contact information, and services. Rapid Guides are professionally printed and bound so they will last for many years, and your target audience will refer to them time and again viewing your branding and contact information each time. Rapid Guide customers report that these guides are much more effective than typical promotional items.

Rapid Guide, LLC is the sole source provider of all titles under the Rapid Guide series. All Rapid Guide materials carry full copy write protection and all rights are reserved. No part of the book may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means without permission of Rapid Guide, LLC. Rapid Guides are not available commercially from any other source besides Rapid Guide, LLC. For additional information contact Rapid Guide, LLC.




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